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 Momohime Ajibana

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PostSubject: Momohime Ajibana   Momohime Ajibana EmptyMon Aug 12, 2013 3:12 am

Name: Momohime Ajibana  

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Trainer Type: Trainer

Physical Appearance:
Momohime is 5”3’ in height. Her normal wardrobe consists of clothing that most often match in colour. She seems to put a lot of time into the way she dresses. She looks rather slim. She rarely puts curls into her hair, and likes it the way it is already.

Personality: Momohime tries her best to make friends. Despite this, she is very shy. This is because she has the tendency to become sick, and the friends she knows before are usually gone before she can get to know them well. She would go out of her own way to help a friend in need, or even to simply make them happy. She has collapsed many times before from doing this while ill. She doesn’t like to be a burden to other people, and often feels guilty when people worry over her. Some would say that her favourite word is “Sorry.” When she becomes upset, she does very well at hiding it. When someone notices, however, she often breaks down crying very easily. She is very optimistic, and she is mostly cheering rather than crying.

History:  When Momohime was only weeks old, she had already started becoming sick. A high fever was rather common for her. Her parents had been worried about her because of this. The doctors and nurses were unable to figure out why she would constantly fall ill. Any medicine they could give was always a simple band aid that went bad when water was poured over it. Particularly in the winter, she would fall victim to fevers. It was apparent that this condition was not contagious.

She had originally gone to public schools, but she kept getting sick and missing too much school. After this, she was eventually kept home and home schooled. She often wanted to leave home, for she felt trapped at home. A few blocks down the road were cherry blossom trees, and she always liked walking by them.

One summer, Moohime had gone further away from home than usual. She wanted to see more of the town. She came to a park, where she saw many Pokemon. Momohime couldn’t tell which were trained Pokemon and which were wild. While she was walking through the grass, she found that a Pokemon was constantly at her heels as she walked. It was a Zorua. At this park, it was actually quite common for someone to find themselves followed by a Pokemon. People and Pokemon were often much more interactive here. Momohime greeted the Zorua, telling him her name.

During the visit to the park, it eventually started raining. Momohime realized that she was out for a long time. She didn’t want her parents to worry about her, so she made it a point to walk back quickly. As she was leaving the park, the Zorua continued to follow her. He showed her his illusion ability. Zorua was able to make himself look human. Even more interesting, he was able to communicate using the human language this way.

As they kept walking, the rain kept becoming worse. Momohime had been walking far, and she came to realize that she didn’t remember the way back home. She started running, making random turns, hoping that maybe she would come across something familiar. Perhaps a grocery store they go to often. Through all this, Zorua kept chasing after her. Momohime had been drained by her panicking, and she could not run anymore. She collapsed on the side of the road. Zorua was there though, and he tried to help her. Pulling her himself was not a feat such a small pokemon could perform. His illusion ability, however, did become handy. He took the form of a human boy, and got help from another. By a slim chance, the Zorua had found someone who knew Momohime’s family.

She was taken home, and she had to be in bed for several days. Zorua had come back with her, and they were becoming used to each other’s presence. It was as if Zorua had become a member of their family, for they adapted immediately to having him there. When Momohime had gotten well again, she was back to going outside all the time like she did before. Each time, from now on, Zorua had always gone with her.

Finally, came the day when Momohime would be able to travel. She had always wanted to. That’s why she had so much gone outside. She was old enough now, and her parents trusted her to be able to make a good decision. Zorua, named Yumita, would be going with her, and he seemed determined to help keep her safe.


Money: $5000


Pokeballs: 5 Pokeballs
Medicine: 1 Revive
Berries: 5 Oran Berries
Key Items:

Pokemon: Zorua
Nickname: Yumita
Gender: Male
Level: 9
Fake Tears
Ability: Illusion
Personality: Zorua, or otherwise known as Yumita, is very social. He enjoys meeting others, and would even make the attempt of helping Momohime with her problem of trying to find other friends.
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PostSubject: Re: Momohime Ajibana   Momohime Ajibana EmptyMon Aug 12, 2013 8:55 am


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Momohime Ajibana
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