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 Jeff Maen, the pokemon Trainer!

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Poochyena (Who Else :P)

Poochyena (Who Else :P)

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Jeff Maen, the pokemon Trainer! Empty
PostSubject: Jeff Maen, the pokemon Trainer!   Jeff Maen, the pokemon Trainer! EmptyMon Aug 12, 2013 4:35 pm

Name: Jeff Maen


Gender: Male

Age: 15

Trainer Type: Trainer

Physical Appearance: Jeff is sorta small for his size and is slightly skinny with a slight bit of muscles. He wears a red baseball cap with a Poochyena as sorta the logo to cover his black hair. His pain black shirt is worn to go with his jeans he wears. Last is the necklace he wears that is silver with a blue orb at the end. Jeff also has brown shoes that are on his feet.

Personality: Jeff has two sides, lazy vs. active, if he is doing nothing, he's lazy, if he is doing something, he's active. By lazy and active, I mean he will sit around, slouching, or he will be standing, running around. He loves to do such things, but being too lazy or too active kinda get's to him. If he is too lazy, he tends to sleep a lot and tends to eat more. If he is to active, he sleeps less and eats less, he is also acts like that for a day or two, like if he's lazy. What Jeff loves food, he don't care what it is, if someone likes it as food, he likes it too, and the adventure is amazing to him, the scenery, the battles, the everything! What he doesn't like, is when people are mean to their pokemon and the pokemon don't fight back, and when people are just plain out rude, it makes him mad.

History: Jeff started his adventure, quite young, he started when he was 6, parents couldn't accept, but he left anyways with Eevee by his side and the $5000 he took from them, let's go farther back to where he got Eevee. He was 5 when he got Eevee, birthday egg from a daycare man that came by one day and he waited until it hatched, watching it with a close eye until... it hatched! Back to when Jeff was gone from home and adventuring, he was training eevee up in the first area, beating rattata's and other random pokemons. Age 8, he got Eevee to level 4, 2 oran berries, and found 3 pokeballs. Age 9, he was attacked by a Level 5 Buneary, Eevee beaten it and gained a level from the fight, and finding a revive and 2 more berries while Eevee is level 6. Age 11, he found 1 berry, 2 pokeballs, and has gotten Eevee level 7. Age 14, he finally got gotten Eevee level 10, and was ready, to begin the real adventure.


Money: $5000


Pokeballs: 3 Pokeballs
Medicine: 1 Revive
Berries: 3 Oran Berries
Key Items:

Pokemon: Eevee
Gender: Female
Level: 11
Moves: Tail Whip, Tackle, Helping Hand, Sand-Attack, Tickle [EM]
Ability: Adaptibility
Personality: Eevee is a energetic pokemon, she loves to run around and play
Happiness: 10
Exp: 4

Pokemon: Abra
Gender: Male
Level: 10
Moves: Teleport, Fire Punch [EM]
Ability: Synchronize
Personality: He is analytic and hard to approach. He is also very intelligent. He thinks alot so he stays quiet but can be social.
Happiness: 10
Exp: 5

Level: 13
Moves: Scratch, Harden, Leech Life, Sand Attack, Faint Attack [EM]
Ability: Compoundeyes
Personality: She tends to ignore everything unless it is important or attractive. She is oblivious and often wonders around thoughtlessly.
Happiness: 0
Exp: 0

Last edited by Poochyena (Who Else :P) on Mon Aug 12, 2013 7:20 pm; edited 3 times in total
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Jeff Maen, the pokemon Trainer! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jeff Maen, the pokemon Trainer!   Jeff Maen, the pokemon Trainer! EmptyMon Aug 12, 2013 7:05 pm


Jeff Maen, the pokemon Trainer! Artworks-000048397035-ejx1u3-crop
Rin Amaya
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Jeff Maen, the pokemon Trainer!
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