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 Introducing: The Cadere Region!

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PostSubject: Introducing: The Cadere Region!   Mon Aug 19, 2013 5:41 pm

Hello Guest and welcome to the introduction of the Cadere Region!

You won't learn too much about the region itself, but here's some tidbits of the region's ideas and origins...

So.... why Cadere?
If you've even so much as seen my username, you should know that I love names based off of Latin. Heck, just look at the names of about all of my Fakemon! Cadere is the Latin for 'falling' which ties into the theme of the Region perfectly. What is that theme exactly? Well...

What's the theme?
The theme for Cadere is falling back into simpler times. Unlike the other regions, technology is limited and almost just barely being introduced to the region. The Cadere League is brand new, and prior to its finding, the region was only inhabited by a small tribe of people and bountiful Pokemon. The towns and cities that have been established are as technological as any others, but the routes and land between them are as wild as they have been for thousands of years.

Any inspiration for the Region, is it based off anything?
Though nothing really inspired my idea for the region, the theme did help me come up with its shape. Because it's all about going into simpler times and taking a step back from the modern world, I decided to base its shape off the ancient world. If you haven't noticed, the shape of the region is loosely that of the shape of Pangea: all of the continents before they split apart. Of course, it's not entirely so, and there are a few islands, but Pangea was the basis for the region's shape.

Any characters made yet?
Yes, but I won't indulge you quite yet :P I will give you this, though, to tie you over...

What are the starters?
From right to left, they're Alend, Caprite, and Nesle. They'll be officially created shortly ^^

Hope this info will get you guys excited for the next bit of revealed things! If you have any other questions you want to be answered about the region, feel free to post them below, and I'll see if I can answer some~


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Introducing: The Cadere Region!
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