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 Special Pokemon

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PostSubject: Special Pokemon   Special Pokemon EmptyTue Feb 05, 2013 1:03 pm

There are a variety of rare Pokemon that can be found throughout the regions on Pokemon Darkness. They are all very rare, and very uncommon. If you're lucky enough to encounter one, here's a basic synopsis of them:

Shiny Pokemon
Shiny Pokemon are just like their normal counterparts, just extremely rare and a different color! There is no difference in power, or anything else, they are mainly just a really cool bragging right.

Delta Species
Delta Species are also extremely rare, but don't differ in color. Instead, they differ in type. This means that you may catch, for the sake of an example, an Electric type Absol. This Absol would have the same moveset and learnset of a normal Absol, but would have different weaknesses, due to the changing in type. This would change the Absol to have a weakness to Ground attacks, but no longer a weakness to Fighting, and so forth. Delta Species are as rare, or even rarer, than Shinies.

Dark Pokemon
Dark Pokemon are somewhat a combination of Shiny and Delta Species Pokemon. These illusive creatures have a black tinted color and tend to be darker and more shadowy than their normal counterparts. They also tend to have a slightly heightened attack along with almost always being nocturnal. Their typing gains the Dark typing if they're monotype (such as Squirtle becoming Water/Dark) and will lose one typing to be replaced by Dark if they're a duel-type (such as Bulbasaur going from Grass/Poison to Grass/Dark). All of their weaknesses will change to fit the new type. Their attacks will be less powerful than a normal Pokemon against any Light Pokemon.

Light Pokemon
Light Pokemon are the balance to Dark Pokemon. They seem to be drawn to kind-hearted trainers and love days where the sun is at full peak. Color-wise, they're always lighter than their normal counterparts, and are typically cast in a golden glow. They will always be slightly more powerful against Dark Pokemon than normal Pokemon. Moves that benefit others, such as Heal Pulse or Helping Hand, when used by a Light Pokemon will have greater effect than they usually would. Light Pokemon also have larger health than a typical Pokemon of the same species.
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Special Pokemon
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