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 Alice Kinno

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PostSubject: Alice Kinno   Alice Kinno EmptyMon Feb 18, 2013 11:31 am

Name: Alice Kinno

Nickname: The Demon Child; The Golden Child

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Trainer Type: Trainer

Phisical Appearence:
Alice Kinno Lily.(Vocaloid).240.1208901
Her eyes are actually a golden color, similar to her hair color. (Disregard the color in the picture for eyes.) They also tend to look red when she's angry or upset. She usually wears a typical school uniform since she doesn't have many clothes. However, if it is a special occasion, she will wear a yukata/kimono or a simple dress with a purple iris pattern. Alice is also a little short for her age; at only 4' 11''.

Personality: Alice can be very cold if she wants to, or even rude. This has only ever happened because of how others treat her. She also acts very similar to a cat, as she is shown to hiss at or even bite people she dislikes, and sometimes she'll scratch someone if they get too close to her and she doesn't trust them. She is very short-tempered, and will not hesitate to protect her friends if necessary, which gives her the rash attribute.

History: Alice was born in a small, quaint house about 3 miles away from Opelucid City in Unova. When she was born, everyone was intimidated by her. This was due to her unnatural eyes and hair. Her hair seemed to have a mind of its own, and both her eyes and hair were golden, unlike her family's chestnut brown hair. Her eyes even changed color, scaring her family even more. Eventually, Alice's family pretended to always be happy and nice, and did their best to keep her happy, since they were afraid that Alice would hurt them if they made her angry or sad. As the days passed by, and Alice finally turned 10, her parents tried to get rid of her by 'going on a picnic' in the dark and creepy forest by the house. They were planning on leaving her there. Unfortunately for them, Alice knew their plan, and was horrified by it. She grew angry, and drove them out of the house. She felt good, but lonely, since they were all she had. Alice went back to the forest to pick fruit, and found a small Zoroark family that took her in. She led them to her house, and there they lived for 3 years. Now, at age 13, Alice was more mature, and she understood why her family did what they did. She forgave them, and went out to the city and try to find them. She could not find them, even though she searched for an entire day, and went back to the house. Once Alice opened the door, she wished she had never left. The inside was a mess. There were overturned tables and chairs, glass cups littered the floor, and the worst of it was in the bedroom upstairs. Where the Zoroark parents usually slept, there were scratches from the Zoroarks' claws and as she kept looking around, she found a ransom note. Scribbled on it in terrible handwriting was:
"We have your Zoroarks! If you want them back, come find us scattered across Unova. First look in Nuvema Town for Shiro Usagi, your older sister.
- Your Family"
Enraged, Alice swore to find her family and save the Zoroarks. She gathered her things and was about to leave, when she saw the small Zorua baby crawling up to her. Deciding that this Zorua was more important at the moment, she took care of it, and trained it to be strong. By level 10, she set out for Nuvema Town to search for her first family member, Shiro Usagi.


Money: $5000


Pokeballs: 5 Pokeballs
Medicine: 1 Revive
Berries: 5 Oran Berries
Key Items:


Pokemon: Zorua
Nickname: Chesire Cat; Cheshire; Neko-chan
Gender: Male
Level: 10
Fake Tears
Counter (EM)
Ability: Illusion
Personality: Cheshire is very protective of Alice and sees his trainer as a 'princess'. Despite Alice's protests for him to be respectful, he will often act rude towards others or even call them names VIA telepathy. However, if he goes too far, Alice will command him to stop, and Cheshire will. Cheshire also likes to 'disappear' or 'reappear' to surprise people.
Happiness: 0
Exp: 0

Lover of Zoruas and Sylveons!
Alice Kinno 1349_gold
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PostSubject: Re: Alice Kinno   Alice Kinno EmptyMon Feb 18, 2013 6:14 pm


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Alice Kinno
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