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 The Sacred Sword

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Kyansei Noivern
Kyansei Noivern

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PostSubject: The Sacred Sword   Sat Mar 23, 2013 11:48 pm


King Alexander smiled at his two children, Elizabeth and Eric. "Once more Daddy"beg Eric.""Yeah Daddy, please tells us the story again"added Elizabeth. "Fine but this will be the last time tonight"said Alexander smiling as he tucked his children in. Alexander then smiled before sitting on the edge of his children's bed. He cleared his throat and then began. He began telling the story of his life and how he became king, how he had met the love of his life. "Once upon a time, in a land not so far away....."


Alex walked through the market quickly, looking behind him to make sure no one had was following him. You see, Alex was nothing more than a cheating thief and liar. Ever since Alex was young he has been stealing, lying, and cheating his way through life, always taking and never giving. It had gotten so bad that even Alex's parents cut off all ties to him. Alex smiled at that thought. Alex had never really liked his parents. He had always thought that they were too tough on him. "Too rebellious, huh? Why if only I-". Alex stopped mid sentence. Something had caught his eye, something shiny and gold.

Alex walked over to get a better look. When Alex could finally see the object clearly he stopped. It was a sword and a golden sword at that. Alex smiled. "I'm sure that the kind owner of the sword won't mind if I borrow it for a while"he said reaching out and grabbing the sword before bringing it up closer to his face. "Wow" was all he managed to get out, the blade shining in his hands. Alex looked around for something to hold the series in. After all, the sword was somewhat heavy. After spotting a sheath nearby, Alex grabbed walked over and grabbed it. After successfully sheathing his new blade Alex smiled, unaware of the unexpected journey he would so be taking.

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The Sacred Sword
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