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 Barnaf Solen- Trainer

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PostSubject: Barnaf Solen- Trainer   Barnaf Solen- Trainer EmptyMon Apr 22, 2013 12:59 pm

Name: Barnaf Solen

Nickname: Barney

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Trainer Type: Trainer

Phisical Appearence: Barnaf Solen- Trainer 245px-Gary_Oak

Personality: Barney is a kind young man with a heart for helping people in need. He is timid, but chooses to face his fears. His biggest fears are of mice, and water. Barneys major flaw is that he often helps people he should not be helping. Barney is not very strong or confident and finds himself being bullied by others in his region. He loves pokemon more then he loves his family. The biggest part of Barneys personality is that he wants to make friends with everyone and is hurt if someone does not become his friend. Barney is easily angered and can hold a grudge if he chooses to.

History: Barney was born in Mauville City to a kind father and a mother who did not want a child. When he turned 4 years old, barney's mother left to Johto. Barney's father tried to teach Barney to be good to people and pokemon alike. When Barney turned five, his uncle, a pokemon professor, torchered him by dunking him underwater for 10 seconds at a time. This torchure caused barney to have a fear of water. When Barney turned 13, his father gave him a pokeball to catch 1 pokemon of his choice. Barney decided to go to the nearby water to try and catch a pokemon. He saw a nice fish pokemon and tried to catch it but he missed, and lost his only chance to catch a pokemon. He started crying when a cute mouse pokemon came up and started to rub against him. He fell in love with the Azurill and named him Vandmos, which to him meant water mouse. Vandmos kept saying over and over "Joh tu Joh tu," which made Barney talk his father into moving to New Bark town where he started his journey to explore Johtu and find what his friend and brother Vandmos wanted him to find.


Money: $5000 (Do not change this)


Bag: (Do not change any of these, or add any)
Pokeballs: 5 Pokeballs
Medicine: 1 Revive
Berries: 5 Oran Berries
Key Items:


Pokemon: Marill
Nickname: Azurill
Gender: Male
Level: 5
Moves: Tackle, Bubble, Tail Whip, Aqua Jet[EM]
Ability: Huge Power
Personality: Timid but hyper,He is shy around other trainers and female pokemon. Gets along with fire pokemon almost to a flaw.
Happiness: 0
Exp: 0
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Barnaf Solen- Trainer Empty
PostSubject: Re: Barnaf Solen- Trainer   Barnaf Solen- Trainer EmptyMon Apr 22, 2013 11:09 pm


Barnaf Solen- Trainer Lisicasig_zps197dc054
Barnaf Solen- Trainer Acedia_zpsc244f166
Barnaf Solen- Trainer Avaritia_Pokemon_zps0a241b39Barnaf Solen- Trainer Vrede_zpscf5a6b69
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Barnaf Solen- Trainer
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