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PostSubject: Template   Template EmptySun Aug 18, 2013 2:34 pm

Please note that you must have Admin permission before creating a Legendary for the region. This rule is in place because I don't want the region to be crawling with Legends, and there'll be only a few slots for a Legendary to occupy. Also, feel free to use the Fairy typing when creating a Pokemon, however keep in mind that it won't be used until after all of the information upon the type is revealed (weaknesses, moves, ect.) You may also add known Fairy Type moves to the learnset, but again, they cannot be used until all of the move's information is present.

Please copy and paste this to fill out, and remove the parenthesis:


[center][b][u]Pokedex Info[/u][/b][/center]

[i]Type 1:[/i]
[i]Type 2:[/i] (Leave blank if it's only one type)
[b]Gender Ratio:[/b]
(List them all on separate lines, there's a maximum of three)
[b]Pokedex Entry:[/b]
[b]Stat Count:[/b]
[u]Special Attack:[/u]
[u]Special Defense:[/u]
[u]Total:[/u] (Should not exceed 620 for a non-legend, and a Legendary should be between 620 and 700)

[spoiler="Level Up"]
(Insert the moves and the levels they learn them)
[spoiler="Egg Moves"]

[center][b][u]Physical Info[/u][/b][/center]

(Put an image here. If you're using a sprite but not an image, leave this blank. When using an image/sprite, you MUST abide by these two rules:
A. You may only use artwork done by yourself or artwork you've received permission upon using. You MAY NOT use any artwork without the permission of the original artist.
B. If it's not your own artwork, please provide a link to the original.)
[b]Sprite:[/b] (If using an image, leave this blank. One may be added by a staff member if a sprite is made for the Pokemon)
[i]Sprite URL:[/i] (If using a sprite, please provide the url to just the picture, so members can use it in their signature.)

[center][b][u]Area/Obtaining Info[/u][/b][/center]

[b]Habitat:[/b] (Describe the Pokemon's normal habitat. Its location within Cadere will be determined from this.)
[b]Encounter Rate:[/b] (Very common, uncommon, rare, ect. Put Legendary if it is a Legendary.)
[b]Egg Group:[/b] (Maximum of two)


(This is to put any other facts about your Pokemon that don't fit anywhere else. It's not required, but here for those that want to do so.)

Template Lisicasig_zps197dc054
Template Acedia_zpsc244f166
Template Avaritia_Pokemon_zps0a241b39Template Vrede_zpscf5a6b69
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