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 Rin Amaya

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PostSubject: Rin Amaya   Rin Amaya EmptyThu Aug 01, 2013 4:30 pm

Name: Rin Amaya

Nickname: Goes by her last name, Amaya

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Trainer Type: Tamer

Physical Appearance:
Rin is usually seen wearing black cloths, be it a uniform or a dress. She purposefully styles her long black hair to cover her left eye. The eye itself is an orange color, more then likely a birth defect, but she prefers to call it the mark of a demon.

Personality: She thinks she is possessed by a demon, as such she acts like it. She has a very twisted way of talking, saying things such as "what a tasty soul." or "Your life blood looks delicious." After winning a battle she often claims to have eaten the opponents soul and looking happy as a clam, causing most people to shoo her off as crazy or weird. However, if she loses a battle she will throw a sort of "hissy fit"

History:  Rin had been a relatively normal child growing up. Aside from the fact that at the age of two her parents were brutally murdered. It was the night her father had just returned home from working in other regions, he had brought his daughter a small pet Growlith to keep her company. It had been a wondrous night for the family. They had gone to bed, unsuspecting of what befell them later. Somebody had broken in, he was an average man who hated his job, but sadly this man had a serious need for money at the time. He had quickly made his way to the bedroom of Rins parents, picking up a claw hammer as he made his way through the large home. With a quick strike Rins fathers life had been ended, nothing but a the exhale of one last breath and a shattered skull showed his glorious downfall. The assassin quickly made his exit, without a sound. Rins mother however had just turned around to see her husband, he looked peaceful as could be. Her eyes gently ran over his smooth face before noticing the blood. In a race her pupils followed the trail of crimson evidence until she saw the hammer. She let out a shriek that could wake the dead, quickly shuffling through her sheet and grabbing a small object before jumping out of the bed and running out of the home. Tears ran off of the mothers face as she fell onto her front porch, barely holding up the small object. Glistening in the moonlight was a small child, horrible red covered her gorgeous black hair, as the innocent baby, woke from her nap, crying for attention.

 As nothing more then a baby, Rin had no recollection of her father or what had happened that night, in fact the only memento she had was the pet Growlithe. Aside from this horrible incident, Rin Amaya had a good life. She grew up to a wealthy family, was popular, and always happy. However there was always a thirst for more dwelling inside Rin's heart. More then anything she had wanted to be a Trainer, the last thing her father had given her was a Pokemon, she knew it had to mean something.

 When Rins fifteenth birthday hit something inside her had snapped. Her memory had been erased, as if a sudden case of amnesia had impaired itself on her, she had no recollection of anything before that day, aside from her desire to be a trainer. Something else happened with Rin on that day also. Her entire personality had been twisted into something different, it wasint evil, just not right. Everybody was convince that she had lost her mind, but she knew that a demon had picked her as a host body, and she was ecstatic! As she aged, she was continuously babied by her mother, the plan to leave growing in her mind, until the day approached, she had hardly been more then nineteen. She slipped out of her home with ease, taking nothing but Growlithe and some money she had taken from her mother. Wearing a long black dress she had begun her "Adventure" with enthuse!


Money: $5000


Pokeballs: 5 Pokeballs
Medicine: 1 Revive
Berries: 5 Oran Berries
Key Items:


Pokemon: Growlithe

Nickname: Gruul

Gender: Male

Level: 10

Moves: Bite, Roar, Ember, Leer, Oder Sleuth. Flare Blitz (EM)

Ability: Flash Fire

Personality: Much unlike his trainer, Growlithe is untainted by whatever evil presence effects Rin, he happily waddles beside his trainer, waiting for the evil object to drop her from its clutches. Never leaving her side until she once again becomes a cheerful child.

Happiness: 0

Exp: 0
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PostSubject: Re: Rin Amaya   Rin Amaya EmptyThu Aug 01, 2013 4:51 pm


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Rin Amaya
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